Every Pilot's Blinded By The Sun

by The Riffbrokers

(free) 03:25


The Riffbrokers’ fifth album begins with the same elements that shaped their sound over a decade ago: harmonica, 12-string Rickenbacker, and a sweet blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Organ and piano figure more prominently with the contribution of Fred Speakman. Guests abound including Britt Speakman and Greg Collinsworth on vocals, and Ben Jones from Low Land High on pedal steel. Songs like ‘Better Angels’, ‘Forgive The Worst In Me’, and ‘Mindset’ are classic Riffbrokers powerpop, echoing The Byrds and Tom Petty. Decidedly un-Riffbrokerish chords dominate ‘Down From Down’ and ‘Another Guide’. The twangy half of the equation is present in ‘Rothko Brown’ and the two ‘60’s covers; ‘Thank You’ by The Remains, and ‘There Must Be Someone’ by the Gosdin Bros.

"Seattle's Riffbrokers are back with their fifth full-length, and it's more of the same no-nonsense power pop/classic rock that they have become masters at. Their sound is equal parts Tom Petty and The Replacements with a dash of Exile-era Stones thrown in, and the rocking "Better Angels" is the definitive proof of this amalgam. Nick Millward has just the right voice for this style of rock, and his bandmates provide a killer rhythm section. No bad tracks here, but more equal than others are the rocker "Mindset", the soulful "Calling All The Charlatans" and the catchy album closer "Thank You". No, thank you, Riffbrokers, for keeping the rock flame burning." absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com June 13, 2011

"This is this Seattle band’s 5th release and is yet another strong effort. For about a decade now, they have consistently delivered their uncompromising brand of garage/power pop with one solid release after another. This LP is no exception .It’s a fine collection of thoughtful songs by one of roots rocks most underrated acts. With an almost total disregard for fashion , the redoubtable Nick Millward and company forge on delivering their timeless brand of power twang. A lot of influences come to mind when listening to this record (Elvis Costello, The Jayhawks to name a couple). The Lyrics on this record are brilliantly understated and on songs like the poignant “Hard to Look At “ & “Please Forgive the Worst In Me” , Millward’s voice sounds like a whiskey filled, double pumper carburetor . He also once again wins indie rock’s annual Graham Parker Glass is Half Empty Trophy as he gripes on “Down from Down” the album’s third track, “ I’ve got more dirt than time now on my hands and I’m sadder than ten country western bands.” Although this release displays the band’s trademark first-rate songwriting, they also chose to lay down two souped up Gosdin Brother tunes to close out the album. Over the years this band has shuffled a few different players through the lineup, but the husband and wife team of Nick and Heather Millward continue to scratch out a place for themselves and march on with guitar straps around their necks and hearts on their sleeves. Most buzz bands don’t really deserve half the hype they get , The Riffbrokers do! " -DANIEL CRAIG www.daggerzine.com June 6. 2011


released May 6, 2011

Nick Millward- vocals, guitar, harmonica, glockenspiel
Heather Millward- bass, vocals
Eric Olson- guitar
Ryan Maxwell- drums, guitar, tambourine, vocals
Fred Speakman- organ, piano
Britt Speakman- vocals
Ben Jones- pedal steel
Greg Collinsworth- vocals

Produced by Ryan Maxwell and The Riffbrokers
Recorded by Ryan Maxwell and Steve Anderson
Nov. 2010-Apr. 2011
Mastered by Kurt Bloch



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The Riffbrokers Seattle, Washington

Northwest powerpop twang outfit formed 1999, Boise Idaho. Band nucleus Nick and Heather Millward moved to Seattle the following year. They've traveled the land since and released over five full length albums on their homemade label Unsmashable Records.


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Track Name: Better Angels
your better angels
are keeping you from having any fun
you cant play the angles
your focus groups and agents
fool no one

a bell fades a colder
wind of distant use and lost reward
you've been wired into this
desire you can no longer afford

when are you gonna find access?
when are you gonna come clean?
when does that opportunity door fly open?

that old man may need you
the facts have moved to 34th and Spring
a covert operation
at his age might be just the bell to ring
Track Name: Another Guide
just as sure as im breathin
i'm hurtin like a child teethin
hurts worse when i see you this way
its gonna take some gettin used to

saw ya sittin there in the sun
you kept it hidden from everyone
you even kept it from me
or is it that im hard of hearing

now I know
there's no two ways to think about it
you cant hear me until i shout it
find another ride another guide to fly away with you.

dont know what youre goin through
afraid ill be no help to you
just take your time and figure it out
You're better in the dark stumblin

dont know just where we'll land
the cute talk gets out of hand
take your phone and you type a reply
everyone you touch has to suffer
everyone you touch has to suffer
Track Name: Down From Down
What was it now that she was lookin for

In the lost and found?

She cant fall down from down

When was it that she lost her whereabouts

When did she have her doubts

About that shortest route?

When will she learn that love does not surround me

And she can never drown me

Cuz she cant fall down from down

You take your shoes off

You'd like to linger

Tell yourself youd never do it again

Take the ring off

Your itchy finger

Takes twice as long to feel it again

She cant figure it out, its foreign to her

It throws her off her rhythm

He cant reason it out, he’s locked up inside

His mind is like a prison

I got more dirt than time now on my hands

And im sadder than

ten country western bands

when will she learn my best days are behind me

and they will never find me.
Track Name: Calling All The Charlatans
Somewhere in time between night’s end

And the new days shoes I wake up in

Turn my face to yours, chase the darkness out the door

I don’t suppose we gave it host

Or meant to, now it’s in too close

The night grows short a few more spins, the days grow wide and bright again


Calling all the charlatans, we’re looking for the lucky ones

One too many standoffs have begun

Shaking all the statues down, aint it funny how they turn around

Everybody’s blinded by the sun

I didn’t mean to cheer so loud

When being cheerful’s not allowed

The future is a tightrope wound, the slowest learners hit the ground

I burnt the scene with you asleep

The one good mattress soul to keep

The night grows short a few more spins, the days grow wide and bright again

Rpt. Chorus

The envelope was written wrong

The numbers shouldn’t take this long

The nighttime drives the sky and then

The morning sheds its starry skin
Track Name: Mindset
It’s a mindset hard to crawl back from
its an old road ive grown many weeds on
its a wound that you never really fully heal from
there's a need you dont feed it becomes a time bomb
and I'm one

I Dont feel theres a side for me to come down on

after all your tributaries emptied on me so long

theres a paragraph i cant get a backspace from
theres a wooden match that my argument is made of
let go of it, its made up
Track Name: Hard To Look At
his life is hard to look at

he keeps a filthy house

his son is there to cook for

at least for now

his eyes are on a tv
there s people laughin there
the picture's so hard to see
gets lost in the air

i know he's happy to see me
our visits further apart
nowhere to go but forgiven
a strange way to start but-

the history's shown that
the bottom is sand bagged
i finally got my way...

he lives on state highway 20
he counts the cars flyin by
someday its mine pullin up
he pulls the curtain aside

i'll bring some beer and some brandy
some smokes and tune the guitar
we'll drink and sing 'Blue Umbrella'
there's no banjo part, but
that hardly matters..

I finally get my way
we put that hurt away
we've got remaining days
might not be a next time
it disappears like a rail line

so bring the beer and the brandy
the smokes and tune that guitar
let's drink and sing Blue Umbrella
work out that harmony part.
Track Name: Please Forgive The Worst In Me
remember when you came along
it was a time when i was so weary
of the circus and the throng
the dimmer lights were always near me
we biked along the oven street
more to movin than the heat

find a new scene mama
please forgive the worst in me.
burn that last bridge mama
send that fishbowl out to sea

and I know it'd break your heart
if I told you what was on my mind
if i told you about the part
the part of me that I was tryin to find
frozen wells once wished upon

drenched in mono all along
Track Name: Rubber And Glue
Had no idea how you fell for me

Couldn’t see past my own sphere

We shared our thoughts so tacitly

Cant see your breath on the mirror

Ch: I had certain tricks up my sleeve

They worked unexpectedly

Saturday stranded me empty handed

my intuitions came true

Didn’t expect to affect you this way

Thought we were rubber and glue


The sun doesn’t shine on me very friendly

It hasn’t done so in days

Don’t know what I’d do without your company

If that all got erased.

Track Name: The Fields Were A Rothko Brown
well she came from a railroad town
the fields were a Rothko brown
she laid out from end to end
watch how her middle track bends

See how your little world ends

well the saints got a thing to say

The old folks they like it that way
they count their blessings every day
but you better leave this railroad town
you are foolish to wait around for such things

Well the sagebrush hasnt changed much
and the mountains cannot lie
bruce willis cannot will this it cannot die

Well the graveyards turned to pasture

Under cowshit and the clouds

The fireants will have their pastime

They’re holdin’ out. Bet your ass they’re holdin’ out

For such time
Track Name: Grass Is Greener Feelin' Blue
Say you’ll tell me something I’ll understand

You never really wanted to hold my hand

I’m no Smokey Robinson its plain to see

You never really had a hold on me


I was never finished fixin a hole

No one was in my tree

I want done for me whats done for you

The grass is greener feelin blue

Starin at the smoke detector up all night

It sits like a thought collector screwed in tight
Track Name: There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)
There must be someone I can turn to
Someone like me, lonely too
All my life I´ve been alone, got no friends, got no home
and there must be someone I can turn to

Well all my so called friends have turned their backs on me
They were lookin´ for someone I just couldn´t be
Let them go and have their fun, unaware of the harm they´ve done
and there must be someone I can turn to

Now if all the tears that I should have cried are still inside me
Why can´t a man be accepted for what he has to be
Must I live my whole life through not knowin´ what to do
Oh there must be someone I can turn to
Turn to, turn to, turn to
Oh there must be someone I can turn to
Turn to, turn to, turn to
Track Name: Thank You
when the shade of night comes down across my window

and i find myself thinkin about your eyes

you know i can feel where your heart is and what youre thinkin

I want to thank you for giving every kind of loving that i know

in the evening children sing their midnight song

and i find myself thinkin about your eyes

you know i can feel where your heart is and what youre thinkin

I want to thank you for giving every kind of loving that i know

soon i'll see what love can be

you saw that when you met me

soon i'll see what I can be

I'll love you if you let me, woah yeah.

when the shade of night comes down across my window

and i find myself thinkin about your eyes

you know i can feel where your heart is and what youre thinkin

I want to thank you for giving every kind of loving that i know